We Are Wrapped!

Can’t believe it, but after years of work, Gold Star is wrapped. In 17 days we shot the film in both CT and NYC at various locations including Gaylord Rehab, Anytime Fitness, the Orange Ale House and Silver Sands Beach.


Cast and Crew outside of Gaylord Rehab in Wallingford, CT

Robert Vaughn (Man from UNCLE, Magnificent Seven) and Catherine Curtin (Orange is the New Black) rounded out a talented cast and the crew was a solid team, shooting an impressive amount of scenes per day, smoothly and beautifully.



Stay tuned for post production news as we move from “in the can” to “on screens!”

And check out some recent press:

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Final Days of Kickstarter

First of all, thank you so much for the tremendous support for our Kickstarter, which is closing in on the final three days of our campaign. We have been humbled, and have enjoyed connecting with all of you on Twitter, Facebook, phone, email, and Skype. As we continue working on this film, we look forward to sharing more with you and getting to know you as well!


Please support and share the campaign, if you can! And check out our updates on the page — we got great feedback on a lot of the posts. Everything from info about our collaborators to an inside, personal look at the origins of the film from writer/director/actress Victoria Negri.

And if you want even more info, please listen to our latest news through these podcast interviews we enjoyed.

First is with producer Effie Fradelos and Victoria for Backer Radio.

And here is a fun and very personal interview with MPRArtHallucinations, in which we get down to a lot of Victoria’s experiences growing up with an older father and the origins of Gold Star.


And lastly, if you’re really looking to learn about funding a film and what went into Gold Star’s Kickstarter, listen to the Zach and Zack Podcast from HMD Films!


Our Kickstarter campaign is up and running! Please check out the fun rewards and support our film here.

Also, Victoria appeared on US vs. Film’s podcast last week. Listen to her segment chatting about Gold Star starting at 30:53 here! 

Victoria with the slate

Can’t wait to film!


Stay tuned for exciting news and please spread the word about our crowdfunding campaign. Indie film is not something magical that happens without a strong, supportive community!


Judy Bowman has officially come on board as the casting director for our film. We are so excited to work with Judy and look forward to seeing actors bring the roles to life. Check out Judy’s work on her website and her IMDb. Stay tuned for more exciting news over the coming weeks and months!

Indie Film Love

photo 4Last night, we held a fundraiser in the East Village at Esperanto Restaurant. The turnout was unbelievable and the generosity of all of our friends and family was incredible. I started working on this script years ago either alone in my apartment or by my father’s side as he fought to rehabilitate from a debilitating stroke. I took Skype meetings asking for advice and guidance from my film friends while my father sat in the next room, waiting for me to return to the cowboy show we were most likely watching.

photo 3

To see this film’s scope expand to involve an ever growing audience of enthusiastic supporters is more than I could have ever dreamed. I’m at the point where this film is happening no matter what, and it is surreal to me. It’s strange to think that it took something as drastic as my father’s death to change the way I was living my life and to say, “Screw it. I’m making this movie.” I had to.


Growing up with a father who was in his mid-60’s when I was born gave me a deep fear of losing him any day. Life was precious to me from a young age.

photo 1When I lost him in 2012 and was forced to confront my greatest fear, I knew that I had nothing to be afraid of or to lose in making this film about my relationship with my dad.

The support I am receiving and the team dedicated to seeing this film through is more than I could ask for.To everyone who helped with the fundraiser last night, to everyone who donated a gift, their time, their money, THANK YOU. To everyone who emailed, tweeted, Facebooked, texted, THANK YOU. I know how much this film means to me and to see people connect with it is what keeps me pushing through. I didn’t have time to eat or drink last night because I was “making the rounds,” but the energy and excitement for the film that was in the room filled me with more than enough adrenaline to get me through. I’m still on a high from last night and am motivated to make the best movie possible. Thank you so much again to all of you.


NYC Fundraiser

We are holding a fundraiser at Esperanto restaurant in the East Village on Jan. 28th 7-10 PM. Please come for a night of fun, networking with filmmakers, drinks, prizes, and music. $20 online ($25 at door) gets you entry, 4 raffle tickets, and a “Gold Star” cocktail drink.

And extra bonus! If you RSVP online, you will be one of the first audience members to view our teaser trailer before anyone else!

Please RSVP Here at Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gold-star-fundraiser-tickets-9775698377

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Victoria and the Gold Star team! The holiday season can often be overwhelmingly focused on commercialism and “buying things” for other people. This year, try instead to focus on the simple gift of having people to celebrate anything with. My father never bought me a gift. He left that to my mom. Instead, he valued making things. He was a painter, a pianist, an all-around artist. Rather than buying a Hallmark card he made huge signs for my mom, he made sweet notes for my brother and sister. I will say that those mean more to me now than any other card that hundreds of other kids probably got. I saved everything. Years from now you won’t remember that your brother got you that blu-ray, but you will remember a photo album he made, or a funny note your sister wrote you. Trust me.

Anyway, check out Victoria’s thoughts on the differences between the holiday season as an adult v. as a kid. Disclaimer about Santa: don’t show this to your 6 year olds!

Lastly, if you’re in a giving mood, support our film and donate a little something. I would much rather get an email saying I received a donation than anything else this holiday season!



What’s in the Works?

Our teaser trailer is super, super close to being completed! If you would like to receive it, please subscribe via the email subscription service to the right or via our RSS feed. Only subscribers will be able to receive this super exciting content until we release it to the wider public in another month for our upcoming crowd funding campaign! Please sign up and get a sneak peek!

Here’s a fun, quick look at Victoria, Katie, and Effie finishing up a cut of the trailer.


We have a date set for our NYC fundraiser! Tuesday January 28th at the East Village’s delicious Esperanto Restaurant! Invitations will be coming your way shortly! Expect a great night with prizes, food, entertainment, and networking with fellow filmmakers!

Thank you all for your continued support! We are getting closer and closer to shoot! Casting will begin shortly!!!


Our First Day Filming

First of all, welcome to the newest addition to our film, producer Effie Fradelos!

slate shotThis past Monday, we filmed a few scenes from the film for two purposes. One: to get the 181 tax credit so investors can file their contributions as a write-off, which is huge. And two, to get some clips together to make a trailer to present to our audience.

katie drivingOur shoot went extremely well. We shot some scenes on Long Island in the morning, a driving scene & a running scene. We even were sneaky enough to steal a few shots on LIRR as Thomas, our sound guy was our lookout for train employees. Despite the conductor lurking nearby, we pulled it off. Phew! But shhhh, don’t tell.

vicki train

vicki and trevorThe afternoon found us back in Manhattan in Victoria’s apartment to shoot a scene between her character Vicki, and Trevor, her boyfriend. Despite a tight shooting space and worries about limited light, planning multiple possibilities ahead of time allowed for a surprisingly speedy setup and shoot.

vicki gold star walkingWe have a lot of great takes which will be impossible to choose from. We ended the day with a scene of Victoria walking down 3rd Avenue against the crowds as the sun was quickly setting and managed to get all the shots in about 30 minutes faster than expected. It was a very successful first shooting experience with the cast and crew.

Special thank you to Katie Maguire (actress/producer), Effie Fradelos (producer), Saro Varjabedian (cinematographer), Max Rhyser (actor as Trevor), and Thomas Zaccheo (sound) for their hard work on this shoot. And don’t go running away, clips and trailer are coming soon! Looking forward to sharing this film with you as we approach our spring 2014 shoot!

vicki running gold star

Fundraiser Success

Gold Star FundraiserThank you to everyone who attended the fundraising event last week at the Orange Ale House. The evening was not only extremely successful, but a lot of fun. Raffle prizes were given as donated from many local Orange businesses as well as put together by family and friends including gift cards, food baskets, a Gold Star film poster and a walk on role!

Thank you to Ben Levin from coming all the way from Boston to perform a special set for us! And thank you again to the Orange Ale House for hosting this special event.

ben at gold star fundraiserOrange Live wrote up a piece on the fundraiser! Check it out here!